We fully appreciate your trust. This is why we like to take care of your business personally. GBR service means we make sure you get full service from one source.

With the investment and asset management solutions we offer, our aim is to go beyond the conventional and expected. When it comes to working for you, our standard is excellence and innovation is the way to go.

This is because we simply feel you deserve more. Driven by this belief we offer you an exclusive product range, our unique know-how and experience.

We keep an open mind and open eyes in our search for new investment opportunities. In our business venture we join forces with our partners and clients in Europe. Our clear vision and long term focus is an integral part of our success.

We, the people behind GBR Financial Services are passionate about our business. Several decades worth of experience in the equity and investment funds business proves our persistence and what is more, our passion that drives this enterprise.


GBR Financial Services GmbH was founded in 2005 by Andreas Grundbichler as Andreas Grundbichler GmbH. Josef Breitegger and Manfred Radinger joined the company in 2006 and subsequently the company was renamed into GBR Financial Services GmbH.

The original core competence of GBR was equity sales for Austrian and European shares, both on the primary and secondary markets. Since 2011 GBR acts also as sales agent for investment funds managed by specialized, external asset managers. Additionally GBR launched the fund advisory business in autumn 2014.